Computer Care

PC Support

Computers are a big part of a business but they also require lots of support.
With your Computer Care service we'll be available to you for any issues that
arise with your PCs.

Performance Boost

After a while your PC becomes very slow and doesn't function too well. Allow us to optimize your computers so that your employees can perform their task faster than ever before.

Malware Removal

It is very easy for a computer to be compromised and begin to pull in several malware. Most malware you're not even aware of but some malware make your life impossible. We know how frustration it can be to remove malware but you can leave all of that onto us now.

Hardware Support

There are times where hardware goes bad and there's nothing you can do but replace it. If possible, we will replace the necessary part of the PC to avoid you having to buy a brand new computer just because the one you bought 3 months ago stopped working.

Printer Configuration Support

Everyone knows that setting up printers can be one of the most annoying jobs to do. You have to worry about setting up the IP address and then having to install the correct driver on every computer. 2 months later the printer stops working and it takes you another 2 days to figure out why. Pull your hairs no more, we'll aid you in setting up new printers or troubleshoot printers that are no longer working.

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