Ultimate Managed Network with Security

All Inclusive Network Management

Do you want the best of the best when it comes to your network management
and security? We have that! Our Ultimate Managed Network with Security service
includes everything our Managed Network service and Network Security service
has to offer and much more.

Advanced Managed Network

  • Managed Network
      24/7 Network Monitoring, Physical Network Support, and Network Consulting.
  • VPN Solutions
      Client VPN for home teleworking or site to site VPN for a multi-site merged network topology.
  • WAN Optimization
      Reduce application bandwidth by up to 99% and accelerate CIFS, FTP, HTTP, and TCP traffic by up to 209x. In essence, your WAN will feel like a LAN.
  • Smart Link Bonding
      Real time transparent gateway load balancing for those who have multiple Internet Service Providers.

Advanced Network Security

  • Network Security
      Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System.
  • Application Control
      Paired with the deep packet inspection used by the Intrusion Prevention System, Application Control allows you to decide traffic policies based on applications. Example, your business doesn't have much bandwidth to the internet so you decide on creating a policy that throttles all unimportant traffic and prioritizes important traffic such as VoIP, HTTP, and E-mail services.
  • Content Filtering
      Content Filtering allows you to block content based on categories or individual websites. Example, If you don't want your employees to be downloading illegal content or browsing YouTube, you can easily do so by placing a traffic policy that bans every and any user from downloading P2P traffic and visiting YouTube.

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